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Sveta standing on a rooftop with downtown Manhattan in background

Diversity and Inclusion Means Nothing Without Accessibility

A website may look pretty and function well, but if information is hard to find, navigate, or access, it creates a frustrating experience for a visitor. It also affects the website’s search engine rankings and maintenance.

Therefore, I help businesses by doing user research, conduct usability and accessibility testing, optimizing content and explain how to create clean, well-organized, and professional-looking websites based on responsive design and other latest standards – to satisfy both business and user needs.

When talking about diversity and inclusion, sadly often people with disabilities are dismissed despite being the largest minority. They make up over 1 billion people worldwide which is the population size of China! For the sake of your business, your products, services, and events need to be accessible so that everyone is included and on an equal footing with others.

For those reasons, I also provide customized corporate training to event organizers, employers, educational institutions to ensure that they are disability friendly by making their websites, media, events accessible to everyone. My goal is to help businesses make accessibility second nature.

My services include:

  • user experience, accessibility, product management consulting,
  • corporate training and workshops,
  • public speaking and teaching.

I’ve been a speaker at events and conferences since 2008 where I present on user experience and accessibility.

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